Create and manage quotes and scopes direct from your tablet or PC.  Send quotes directly and quickly to customer, allowing them to approve and sign online (or on site!)

Features include:

  • Create quotes and scopes instantly, including capturing site details, location, documents, plans and take phots directly from tablet (or upload from PC)

  • Product and Items listing and import (manage all inputs into your quote and get supplier products direct to your solution)

  • Produce ‘Kits’ of products, time and other quote inputs (to make repeatable solutions easily quoted)

  • Send quotes direct to customer allowing them to view as a web page or downloadable as a pdf

  • Allow customers to approve/decline/query quotes from the web page which instantly alerts you of the status.

  • Know if a client has received/viewed/opened the quote and email with our smart email tracing

  • Accepted quotes will automatically create a Job and Tasks for scheduling